Sunday, 30 June 2013


I came across a situation recently where a widow  has been told by the local council that she either moves from her two bedroomed flat or pays an increased rent of around £27 a week. As a recent widow under 65 she is only entitled to the job seekers allowance so there’s no possibility that she could afford this increase. She has lived in her two bedroomed flat for over 20 years. On talking to the Council who, it appears, have no one bedroomed accommodation available, the only option they offered was to put her into a hostel.She would have to put her furniture into store with no income to afford to pay for it.. Naturally enough she doesn’t want to be put into a hostel but what option does she, and I guess many others have. Fortunately, there is a happy ending to this otherwise very sad story;  a relative will pay the increase for her until she qualifies not to have this problem at 65 years of age.

David Cameron says we are all in this together; is this supposed to be ironic?


Today I concelebrated and preached at St. Augustine’s, Rush Green. My sermon  featured “vocation” especially at this time of year when ordinations to the Priesthood and Diaconate are taking place.

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  1. Well what do you expect from a political elite, totally out of touch with ordinary life and who can't stop legislating without thinking it through?
    I'm sure your widow won't be alone, I appreciate the need to prevent abuse of our welfare and social housing systems but as usual, great distress is caused to those, not abusing the system and those who are seem to continue to get away with it.