Thursday, 30 May 2013


We arrived quite early and so the grandchildren had the new adventure play area to themselves for a little while. Afterwards we went to the Discovery Exhibition where they drew pictures and discovered that the most destructive animals on the planet are humans. There’s a cage and Ann is pictured in it below. We had the chance to see some huge beetles close up being handled by one of the keepers.


After some exploring and lunch we went to see the lions and tigers and journeyed on the train. We went to watch the giraffes being fed and both grandchildren helped feed the elephants.  By the afternoon the Zoo was crowded so we were rather pleased we had been there early.Colchester Zoo is celebrating its 50th anniversary. Ann and I are members so we visit periodically and every time we go we either discover something new or find improvements have been made.

Before leaving the grandchildren went to spend granny and granddad's money on some souvenirs. We had a little rain but nothing too terrible and it didn’t spoil the day.

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