Friday, 24 May 2013


I was totally disgusted when I read in this week’s  Ilford Recorder that in co-ordinated action the police in the Borough of Ilford had: “swooped on the homeless, grabbing sleeping bags and food parcels donated by the public”. These homeless people lost what little they had by this cruel and unnecessary act by the police. Read the full report here.

The items, sleeping bags and food, were bundled into a police car and the homeless were not allowed to keep food that had been donated by the public and distributed through the Salvation Army unless they could grab some of it before it was taken away.

I have several questions that need urgent answering:

1. By what authority are items donated by the public for these people taken by the police. Do we really want to see the homeless in Ilford starve?

2. Why was such action needed and who authorised it.


  1. I do not disagree in principle with their motives, but do disagree absolutely with their method. Comments on behalf of the police coming from a lackey are unacceptable. The Borough Commander herself must explain this one - and give an apology for treating people with the same brutal methods as Nazi Germany or Soviet Russia.

    Shame on them.

  2. joseph Golightly24 May 2013 at 13:37

    I wonder whether your local Police Commissioner is involved? Bet you don't know who he.she is!

  3. I do! her name is Sue Williams and is Borough Commander of the Borough of Redbridge

    1. She's the Borough Commander, as you say Father. In London our equivalent to the Commissioner referred to by Joseph Golightly is Boris Johnson.

  4. As you say, Father, 'by what authority?' Sounds like theft to me ...

  5. I see from another paper's website that Chief Superintendent Williams is now denying any police involvement with the operation. If that is so then perhaps she can explain why one of her Chief Inspectors is quoted in the original report?

    Confusion between the left hand and the right hand scarcely inspires public confidence. They could at least get their act together.