Sunday, 5 May 2013


Our MP’s can hardly be surprised at the rise of UKIP. although I’m not certain that the people who gave them their electoral success fully understand all of their policies. There is a growing discontent with our current politicians both locally and nationally.

To take one example; Havering Council undertake a public consultation about parking charges then totally ignore public opinion. On a local level they want to impose charges for parking at Hilldene a shopping centre near where I live. A substantial local petition has been signed opposing this. The excuse that the council give is that it will prevent commuters using the car park as the new charges will impose a maximum time limited of 3 hours. However I’ve parked at Hilldene at various times of the day for over 4 years and I have never been unable to park. So where are these so-called commuters. The answer is there are none except in the imaginations of some councillors who are using this as an excuse to raise money.. To be quite honest who is going to park three miles away from the nearest train station? Or even more to the point, who is going to pay 20p to buy their daily paper? I believe this could be quite disastrous for the shop keepers as people can go to a local supermarket, park for free and buy pretty well everything available at Hilldene

At Westminster, the government impose regime of austerity which means that people in 21st century Britain are either having to borrow money to afford their weekly shop or are having to rely on food banks. (see report from WHICH featured in some of the Sunday papers) Of course many of our MP’s are millionaires or multi-millionaires so how can they know what it is like to not know where the next meal is coming from.

We decide to export a man who preaches the vilest of view, back to his own country of Jordan and our courts and the EEC Court of Human Rights prevent this happening. No wonder that UKIP with it’s anti EEC stance are winning support.

Many people in the UK are opposed to same sex marriage but will the politicians listen. Of course not!. David Cameron is set on imposing this violation of the Sacrament of Marriage on our country.exempting the CofE from participating in this. I have no problem with Civil Partnership but I find the whole idea of same sex marriage totally repugnant as I understand Holy Matrimony to be one man married to one woman.UKIP are opposed to same sex marriage.

If members of our political elite want voters to support them then they had better start listening for once. Despite our antiquated electoral system it is within the bounds of possibility that come the next General Election UKIP could secure representation at Westminster.and hold the balance of power.

6th Sunday of EASTER – ROGATION

Today I concelebrated the Parish Mass at St. Augustine’s, preached and led the Intercessions – a brief resume of my sermon can be found here


  1. The European Court of Human Rights, Father, has nothing to do with the EEC (now the EU). It derives from the European Convention on Human Rights and comprises 47 national states in Europe. The EU comprises only 27 (28 from 1 July with the accession of Croatia).

    They are easy to confuse - two dictatorships working side by side and suppressing national sovereignty. Hence the rise of UKIP to fill the vacuum left by our mealy-mouthed traditional parties.

  2. Thanks Morris for your helpful explanation. You're right - I am confused about matters and cannot understand how on earth the Court of Human Rights can come to such a decision with a man who preaches poison.

  3. I agree entirely Father - and our own country's Immigration Judges are the starting point for these wholly irrational decisions.

    Our traditional political parties are also playing a highly dangerous game. Illegal immigration has been a problem in this country for some 50 years. Until our own government tells the EU and the ECHR to get lost, then we shall never solve the problem. If our usual government parties fail to deliver, then the risk is that some other rabid individuals will whip up the public to fill the vacuum.

    Dare one refer to 1933 and Herr Shickelgruber?

  4. Alan Harrison7 May 2013 at 17:29

    I'm no fan of Abu Qatada, but do we really want to live in a country which deports people to regimes which engage in torture?

    A useful cautionary tale for those who would like to put him on the next plane to Amman is the case of two people handed over to Gaddafi by the previous government - Abdel Hakim Belhaj, "rendered" with his pregnant wife to Libyan torturers, and Sami al-Saadi, similarly "rendered" with his wife and four kids. Sami al-Saadi has already received compensation of £2.2 million from British taxpayers. Abdel Hakim Belhaj, armed with "smoking gun" documents from the Libyan interior ministry, is willing to let three defendants - the government, Straw and the former boss of MI6 - with £1 nominal damages each, if they apologise.

    If the Arab spring reaches Jordan, a future British government might live to regret sending Abu Qatada there.

    1. Strenuous efforts have been made by the British government to ensure, so far as that is possible, that no confessions extracted under torture will be admitted as evidence by Jordanian courts. Despite all these efforts the crackpots who are appointed as judges to the Immigration Courts in the UK, and to the ECHR, prefer to accept the word of a rabid thug who preaches violence. Meanwhile idiots like us have to pay to maintain him and his dependants, and to fund his protracted legal actions.