Thursday, 21 March 2013


Today I celebrated Mass at St. Augustine’s Rush Green and gave a brief homily on the Gospel and after a very quick coffee, drove to Ilford to celebrate the weekly mid-day Mass at the Hospital Chapel. At both services we prayed for Pope Francis and for Justin, Archbishop of Canterbury; it is something  of a co-incidence that they both commenced their new roles within a few days of each other.

We got home just in time to see the final part of the enthronement of Archbishop Justin and it reminded me of the time, quite a few years ago, when I attended the enthronement of Archbishop Michael Ramsey at Canterbury Cathedral when the Red Dean Dr Hewlett Johnson was Dean of Canterbury. I rode a scooter all the way from Portsmouth leaving home at the crack of dawn to get there in time – the things you do when you’re young. Although I couldn’t see very much except on the television monitor, it was a wonderful experience and I can remember it very clearly even though it was 52 years ago.

Please pray for Pope Francis and Archbishop of Justin.

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