Saturday, 23 March 2013


So, the Chancellor has made a wonderful gesture for the average man in the street who can now save 1p (yes 1p) on a pint of beer. That means that if you consume one pint of beer a day for a whole year you will save £3.65. I gather that financial experts around the country are already drawing up plans to help those who make this saving find a suitable investment. Expect phone calls along the lines of those menaces ringing about PPI – we get at least one a week on the ordinary phone and countless on our mobiles. All this comes at a time when the top rate of tax is being reduced for the most wealthy giving them savings of around £50/£100,000 a year. Poor darlings have really felt the pinch and have had to substitute their Chateau Latour a Pomerol at £2,550  for a rather mundane Vin de pays for £7.95.

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  1. I worked out the beer duty reduction somewhat differently. For every 188 pints that I consume I shall now get one free!