Wednesday, 6 March 2013


The decision to limit bankers bonuses to one years salary has been taken by the EU Finance Ministers but is being hotly contested by our Government on the argument that banks will relocate so that they can pay what they like as bonuses or that salaries will increase to compensate. I suspect that the Government have very little public support for their attitude; certainly I believe that what some of the top bankers are paid in terms of bonus counts as obscene. The EU voting on this matter was 26/1 which shows that Britain has no support from any of the other amongst EU Finance Ministers.  As one person commentated:the bankers make trillions gambling using our money and earn vast amounts if they are successful; if they are not we end up bailing them out ………….and they still get paid vast amounts. The Government should listen to the views of the electorate which, as far as can be gauged, is bitterly opposed to the behaviour of the banks and their bonus systems and no doubt support the proposed curb.


  1. Clamerclown probably thinks they're all out of step except his George. As to the government listening to the electorate, might I dare to suggest, Father, that you are a little advanced in years to be still naive?

    1. Perhaps I still have just a wee bit of faith, but note just a wee bit, in politicians but it is rapidly ceasing.