Tuesday, 11 December 2012


Same-sex marriage in churches – please contact your MP URGENTLY

David Cameron announced on Friday that he is now pushing for same-sex marriage in churches. The news of this u-turn has been reverberating around Britain ever since.

The Government had always promised that same-sex weddings would not be allowed in churches and other religious premises. This was said all over its consultation document.

Now the Prime Minister has broken this vital promise.

Many people are shocked that even before the consultation results are released, the Prime Minister has so dramatically shifted the goal posts. If marriage is redefined, religious believers will be exposed to litigation and the European courts – just for marrying people as they have done for centuries.

Of course most people who believe in traditional marriage don’t go to church. But everyone is asking: who can trust David Cameron on his gay marriage plans?

And everyone can now see that redefining marriage will be a massive cultural change.

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  1. It would appear there have been changes to that old well-known saying about "lies, damned lies and statistics". The 'modernised' version from this mendacious coalition government is: "lies, damned lies, and government consultations".

    1. The latest news (BBC1, 13.00) tells us that gay "marriages" will not be legal in the Church of England, and the Church in Wales!!

      The coalition should spend more time trying to resolve the genuine problems in the country. All they are doing with this is making it up as they go along - a bit like a poor bedtime story. Pathetic.