Tuesday, 4 December 2012



On Tuesday last week Ann and I went with our daughter, son-in-law, our grandchildren and one of their godmothers to Disney, Paris. We journeyed to Kings Cross the night before and stayed at the Premier Hotel as it would have meant leaving home at the crack of dawn to catch the Eurostar. We went to Lille by Eurostar and then TGV to Disney.

After booking in at the Disneyland Hotel we went into the park with just time to enjoy two rides and the evening procession before dinner. We went to the buffet restaurant so the children could meet various Disney characters during their meal. The food at the hotel was absolutely excellent.

We spent Wednesday, Thursday and half day Friday enjoying the Disney Park and on Thursday evening we went to the spectacular laser and firework Christmas Show. My one complaint about Disney is the exorbitant prices they charge for drinks; just under £5 for a bottle of coke which would normally cost no more then £1.20 in the UK.



Disneyland, Paris is celebrating it’s 20th anniversary this year; we first went there around 18 years ago taking our two mothers.( It has expanded considerably since then) They had a real whale of a time. I must admit Mickey Mouse, Donald Duck, Goofy, Cinderella et al in French seems rather strange but it’s something you get used to and all the announcements are in three or four different languages which helps.


We had a wonderful time with our grandchildren experiencing the look of wonderment on their faces. They really enjoyed all the rides and the processions. On Thursday evening we went to the Laser and Firework display which is on every evening. Quite spectacular. Then Friday afternoon it was on to the various trains and back home to reality and to 84 emails and countless items of junk mail. We are both very grateful to our daughter and son-in-law who treated us to this experience of a lifetime




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  1. Il y a deja plus que 50 ans que je n'ai pas ete dans les environs de Paris. Mais quand j'etais a l'ecole j'ai passe plusieurs fois des vacances avec une famille francaise qui habitait a Crecy la Chapelle, tout a cote de l'endroit ou se trouve Disney.