Friday, 14 December 2012


On Monday at around 12 noon my phone went dead, so I contacted BT on line which tested the line and reported it was OK therefore it must be a fault with my equipment. It was checked but there was nothing wrong. When Ann came home I got her to report the fault and she ended up at a Call Centre in India, we think. The person she spoke to had very little command of the English Language but eventually she managed to understand and passed the call to another person who said the fault was at the Exchange. The phone would be back by 5.00 p.m. Thursday. It wasn’t.

I checked the fault help line on the Web yesterday which said the fault would be repaired by Thursday 5.00 p.m. then I went to “chat” only to be told that although it said that faults could be discussed when the thing was answered the Customer Service guy said he only dealt with Accounts. He would get through to some one who could deal with faults. I asked him to get them to ring on Ann’s mobile which a little while later they did only to get someone from India who didn’t have a clue about the problem and, again, had very little understanding of English. Ann then went through the whole rigmarole again as the person who had referred the matter on didn’t bother to tell the guy who phoned. Ann was then passed to some one else who said the fault would be expedited and the line would be back by Friday. Needless to say it isn’t.

How on earth do you get any service from BT? I am absolutely disgusted by the way they have handled this and intend to look for another provider when it’s possible.


  1. The answer, Father, is half way through each of your first and second paragraphs. BT - Bombay Telephones. And from personal experience I can assure you that a large alternative provider is actually even worse!

  2. Get rid of the land line and get a cheap 'pay-as-you-go' mobile phone.

  3. No thanks to BT I'm back on the land line after 5 days being of. It was sorted out by an engineer from our Burglar Alarm Company. BT contacted me last night and said they thought there was a fault with the Alarm Company. I won't go into all the rigmarole they asked us to undertake. Needless to say it wasn't the alarm at all.They've texted us today to say when can an engineer call - when hell freezes over!!!!!!!!

  4. I had a similar experience and only resolved it by forcibly insisting that I was put through to someone in the UK. This they eventually did and the issue was rapidly sorted out.