Sunday, 12 August 2012


Tonight the Olympics will close and we have every reason to be proud of the number of medals Team GB have won. The big question is what is the legacy that will justify the enormous expenditure that has been made for the games. I’ve no doubt that the Olympic Park will be well used and further development take place for housing but regrettably only a small amount will be for affordable housing. More importantly, what about the Sports legacy? The Prime Minister has already outlined some of the hopes i.e.  school children in compulsory sports. However over the last few years many school playing fields have been sold so where will children be able to take part in sport?

The Independent reports: The legacy of the London 2012 Games has been thrown into doubt after figures reveal that Education Secretary Michael Gove has approved the sale of over 20 school playing fields since the coalition government has been in power.Among the pitches approved for disposal is a 1.6 acre playing field at the Winchcombe School, a state primary in Newbury, Berkshire, which has been put up for sale with outline planning permission for housing, the Guardian reported. It is understood that the previous Labour government approved the sell off of just over 200 playing fields over 13 years. And an estimated 10,000 were disposed of between 1979 and 1997.

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