Tuesday, 14 August 2012


I was surprised and quite annoyed by the biased BBC2 broadcast several evenings ago, on Newsnight, about the charity “Help for Heroes”. I believe the report was misleading and gave little credit to the outstanding work this wonderful charity has done since its inception.

The particular gripe of the programme was the amount of money that Help for Heroes has spent on restoring Tidworth House so it can be used as a rehabilitation facility for injured service personnel. This amounts to £20million but what the programme did not reveal was that to build a new facility would have cost this amount or more and the accommodation would not have been of the same high standard. Officers have really superb accommodation; Tidworth House will provide a similar standard for ordinary service men and women. How do I know what officers have? Because I’ve been in many army, navy and air-force bases over the years and have been a guest in officers Messes and Ward Rooms.

I believe that Help for Heroes is a first class charity which deserves the support of everyone. It compliments the work of the Royal British Legion and frequently they work together. I wear my Help for Heroes bracelet with pride and will continue to support them when I can.

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