Friday, 10 August 2012


This afternoon we decided to go to Hainault Forest for a stroll. When we go there we often walk round the lake admiring the ducks,and geese and other wild life and we did this today although getting to the lake was far from easy and involved a long walk from the top car park as, of course, the other park is now used by the contractors.. This was the first time we have been there since both Snoozebox and the British Army moved on site, to house some of those staffing the Olympics. Hainault Forest has always been a favourite of ours and we were concerned when we heard that it was to be used for accommodation for the Olympics. Were we right to be concerned? I think so; it will take years for the area to be restored to how it was and an enormous amount of money if, in fact, it can be restored.. We have been reassured that restoration will be a priority. We wait to see.

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  1. The unprincipled acceptance by Redbridge Council of six hundred and fifty thousand quid of Judas money.