Monday, 9 July 2012


As had been widely anticipated General Synod voted to adjourn the Debate on Women in the Episcopate until November. It was a move by people such as WATCH to get the Bishops to remove what they saw as a clause which would, in their opinion, make women second class bishops. There were several good speeches encouraging Synod to reject the adjournment including one by Father Philip North which posed the question “Is there any room for Anglo-Catholics and Conservative Evangelicals in the Church of England:” He pointed out that the Bishops had inserted the clause with the objective of keeping the CofE together.

One hopes that the Bishops will stand firm and not allow themselves to be brow beaten into a humiliating withdrawal of the clause which provides a bare minimum of protection for those who believe that women cannot be either bishops or priests.


  1. The utter inconsistency of the militant sisters is that they make no provision for men to become nuns, nor for women to become monks. Why us it that the natural order cannot be allowed to prevail?

  2. "a clause which would, in their opinion, make women second class bishops". There is a one-word answer to this argument. It is KENOSIS.

    1. That may be so - but your view might have greater validity were you to identify yourself and not hide behind the cloak of anonymity.