Sunday, 29 July 2012


I was very disappointed when I discovered that I had managed to secure none of the tickets I had applied for, for the 2012 Olympics. It is therefore rather annoying to see rows of empty seats at various events. It now appears that not all seats were sold and that some are still available.Figures released today indicate that between 100,000 and 120,000 remain unsold. Looking on the Olympic Website to investigate I discovered I could buy a ticket for £205 for swimming but no way could I afford that, and even if I could I would be asking the question as to whether I should spend that on a ticket. Of course, there are some even more expensive.

I have been surprised at how the lottery for tickets worked because it seems to me that not everyone had an equal chance. How can you explain how some managed to get so many tickets whilst others got none at all.

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