Saturday, 9 June 2012

WATCH for/against Women Bishops

It seems the members of both WATCH and GRAS are not happy bunnies and they are considering throwing their toys out of the pram. They are considering if they should vote against the legislation when it comes before General Synod in July. I’m very happy to offer them my considered advice which is: yes, vote against it. After all you don’t like the fact that the Bishops have made very minimal changes in their attempt to keep Anglo-Catholics and Evangelicals within the Church of England so this is a sure way of defeating the Bishops! (of course, you defeat yourselves at the same time)

I hope the measure is defeated so that there is a reasonable breathing space before it reappears. During that time perhaps a more charitable attitude will be taken by those who espouse, as one cleric put it, “these novelties” and that a much more suitable provision will be made for Catholics and Evangelicals, bearing in mind the response remains “A Code of Practice will not do”.


  1. Since WATCH wants nothing less than our complete anihilation,I think the amendments might be a straw or two worth clutching at. A bird in the hand.......?

  2. Only total victory will satisfy these women. My guess is that they will continue their campaign of stealth and vote in favour, no doubt misleading others into thinking that they will vote against in the process. Anyone with any conscience should vote against the measure at least until acceptable provision is made for those who simply want to keep the faith.

    1. I don't detect any demand from these harridans for the recognition of male nuns.

    2. They would eat Robbie Coltrane and Eric Idle for breakfast.