Sunday, 10 June 2012


On our way home the other afternoon we decided to have a quick ride round Hainault Country Park and were horrified by the extent of the Snoozebox hotel complex being erected over a vast area of this much used and loved Country Park. It will accommodate security staff and the British Army working at the Olympics. They will have to travel backwards and forwards and I believe some will go by coach whilst others will be expected to catch the tube which will put great pressure on those trying to get to, and from, work.

It will still be possible to have limited access to some of the park with a small amount of parking available. I hope the local authority who will undoubtedly being paid handsomely for this use, will plough every last penny back into the Country Park to rectify the damage that is inevitable and, if there is anything over, to increase the amenities.. Call me a sceptic but why do I think that unlikely?


As we celebrated Corpus Christi on Thursday, today we used the reading for the 10th Sunday. We had a full church with many children which was a delight.

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  1. Not a sceptic, Father, but a man of experience.

    I understand that Redbridge will receive a "bung" of not less than £500,000 for this. I agree that every last penny should be ring-fenced to restore and improve the park facilities - and perhaps abandon the iniquitous blood-sucking parking charges.

    Why do I still have these idealistic dreams?