Tuesday, 8 November 2011


I read the other day that it is likely that FM radio will be switched of in 2015 if not before so that Digital Radio can take over. I’ve searched the net today to discover that this is probably right which means that for most people their car radio’s and their home radio’s will become obsolete and will have to be replaced by expensive DAB radio’s Although they have come down in price they are still quite expensive and in some areas not very efficient. As someone who listens to Radio 4 and Classic FM frequently both in the car and at home the thought of losing them is very galling and the thought of having to replace everything daunting.  What infuriates me is that FM Radio works perfectly well so why do we have to change it – I suspect it is to boost the sale of DAB radio’s and for the benefit of Radio Stations. Please consider raising this with your MP.


  1. 2015 was the projected date in the Digital Britain report. It's not going to happen. It was contingent on DAB being coverage being comparable to FM (currently not even close), and DAB radios being widely available for under £20 (getting closer).

    90% of cars sold in the UK today are fitted with analogue-only radios, and 5-year licenses are still being granted to FM-only stations. 2018 is likely to be absolutely the earliest date for FM switch-off, but even that is doubtful. I would be extremely surprised if switch-off happened before 2020.

    And this is to say nothing of the fact that DAB is already old technology, on its way to obsolescence, having been replaced by, amongst other things, DAB+.

    Wouldn't do any harm to write to your MP anyway, but the sky is not yet falling.

  2. We have also a total farce with TV. They are advertising like mad the change in April from analogue to digital. Last Friday morning, around 1.00 am, no BBC channels were available on digital transmission - BBC1, BBC2, BBC3, BBC4, BBC News, and the Parliament channel. However, BBC1 and BBC2 were both available on ANALOGUE!