Friday, 4 November 2011


Listening to Radio 4’s Today this morning I was intrigued to hear Bob Diamond, Chief Executive of Barclays Bank talk about “executive compensation“ which we normal mortals would call “pay” or “remuneration”. After prevaricating about his own “compensation” he finally admitted that, excluding his bonus which is up to the Board of Directors, his salary is in excess of £1 million per annum.

For me this presents the question as to whether anyone, anyone at all, is worth that sort of money and I include in that pop stars.TV personalities, footballers etc..No wonder those protestors are at St. Paul’s Cathedral. They see a world when those with very little are hammered into the ground when the very people who caused our present economic state of affairs continue to enjoy the sort of massive “compensation” bankers are getting. No wonder they are angry, very angry indeed.

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