Monday, 21 February 2011

This speaks for itself!


  1. The Video is perhaps truer of the US than UK as I have never seen the extremes in this video. Yet I totally agree, the tone and standard of the hymns, I have seen people dance around the altar, albeit only in the seventies.
    I have to say, since Pope Benedict and his directives, Music choice of hymns etc have greatly improved as has reverence and awe, where these were missing. The tide has changed for the better and these aberrations, in any case were never ever in concord with 'Sacrosanctum Concilium' only how priests interpreted them. The influx of the Anglican bretheren will be warmly received and provide much needed input into order and dignity. This is so in many Catholic Churches today, but in the sixties and seveties there were bad moments. I believe Pope Benedict is a great reforming pope . The Ordinariate was directed to him by God. He is a great bridge builder (pontifex maximus)and God has done mighty things through his leadership here on earth. God Bless Him and Holy Mary of Walsingham keep us close to your Son.

  2. Examples od scant discernment.