Tuesday, 1 February 2011

Money – Money– Money!

Between them the two clubs spent a record £134 million in just one day. Chelsea finally signed Torres for a deal that could ultimately be worth £50 million, and Benfica’s David Luiz for £25 million, while Liverpool spent a remarkable £36 million on Carroll and £23 million on Luis Suár.

The Telegraph  1st February 2011

The amount of money spent by football clubs on players is just unbelievable. Can anybody be worth that amount?!! Children die in Africa and other parts of the world from malnutrition and disease and there is never enough money to save them. Just think what £134 million could do. If I supported Chelsea or Liverpool I would be ashamed of them. There are so many good causes desperately needing money in these difficult times that to see that amount spent on footballers makes me feel sick.

Then there’s the amount paid to football stars themselves. I have never been able to understand how they can be paid millions of pounds for kicking a ball! But then I can never understand how bankers can be worth the fabulous amounts paid to them or, for that matter, pop stars. Is it any wonder that teenagers, unable to get a job and having to exist on the minimal amount of money paid to them by the State, feel rebellious?

As they try to repay the deficit our Government imposes swingeing cuts, in all sorts of different ways saying we all have to share the burden when it is painfully obvious that it is the low paid and unemployed that feel it the most whilst the wealthy are cushioned. It is a fact that there are around 23 millionaires amongst the29 members of the Cabinet – are they sharing the burden or even feeling it? Local Authorities are announcing hundreds if not thousands of redundancies amongst their staff whilst some of those Councillors award themselves bigger allowances and expenses.

I saw a quote sometime ago and feel it is still relevant today “To make the poor work harder we pay them less; to make the rich work harder we pay them more”.

May God forgive us.

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