Saturday, 5 February 2011


The recent Day of Prayer for Egypt as protesters clash in Cairo

As Christians met in London to pray for Egyptian believers, Copts joined Muslims in Cairo to protest against President Mubarak. Organised by Christian Solidarity Worldwide and United Action for Egyptian Christians, the day of prayer was planned in support of Christian freedom, but Bishop Angaelos, head of the UK’s Coptic Orthodox Church, asked for prayer for all Egyptians. Separately, the Anglican Bishop of Egypt, the Most Revd Mouneer Anis, reported that Muslims protected Christians and the Cairo Cathedral after security forces withdrew. A Vatican expert on the Arab world, Fr Justo Lacunza Balda, predicted that armies would not be able to quell the uprisings. In Addis Ababa, at the African Biblical Leadership Initiative forum sponsored by Bible Society, Methodist peer Lord Boateng said Egypt 'faces opportunity and danger'.

Sources: The Church of England Newspaper (2/2); Ekklesia (30/1); Catholic Herald (31/1); Independent Catholic News (2/2); Inspire Magazine (29/1); Methodist Recorder (3/2); Church Times (4/2) With thanks to the Bible Society News Watch 04/02/11

After years of living under the regime of President Mubarak, Egyptians have been told by him that he will leave office in September this year and not seek re-election. It seems that the days of Mubarak’s authoritarian regime are now numbered and it must be our hope, and our prayers, that a democratic government be elected. Please keep Egypt and the Coptic Orthodox Church and the Anglican Church in Egypt in your prayers at this critical time in their history

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