Thursday, 27 May 2010

The Feast of St. Augustine of Canterbury

Those who have seen the abomination recently carried out in the USA of the consecration of the practising lesbian M/s Glasspool as a “bishop” will no doubt be as horrified as me. The whole thing seemed little more than a pagan festival and the Church of England is in Communion with the TEC (The Episcopal Church of the USA) which allowed this travesty to be conducted. It included Mother Earth, Pagan Rituals, Ancestor Worship and Dancing Girls. There seems to be a deafening silence from Canterbury condemning this!

To view the service go to:

Any wonder that many of us feel that the Church of England which we knew, loved and gave devoted service to, over many years, is no longer anything more than a sect. When I was a teenager it was explained to me by my then Parish Priest that the Church of England was a “bridge” church and that ultimately it would provide the bridge between the Roman Catholic Church on the one hand and the nonconformist denominations on the other. When it succeeded it would then cease to exist. In those days we lived in the hope of reunion with Rome for the whole church and I had no doubt that that day would come eventually, hopefully in my lifetime. Now that is not going to happen. In just a few years the Church of England and large parts of the Anglican Communion have cast aside the faith that St. Augustine brought to the UK to become such a liberal body that no orthodox Christian can take it seriously anymore.

The awful letters in last Friday’s Church Times show the depth of feeling against Anglo-Catholics who continue to endeavour to maintain Catholic Faith and Order. Their aim is for us to go and to go quickly so that they can continue their descent into heresy. We now await the day when the Ordinariate is up and running.

St Augustine, pray for us.

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