Saturday, 22 May 2010


Yesterday, we took my youngest granddaughter to Colchester Zoo where, with a wonderful sunny day, we had the most enjoyable day. I’ve always disliked Zoos as I don’t like to see wild animals in cages. However Colchester give their animals plenty of room and is in the forefront of animal protection and preservation.

Some year ago, when I was serving my title in Bristol we had some visitors from Uganda staying in the Diocese and one, a young girl called Grace, came to spend the day with us. We asked her what she would like to do and she replied that she would really like to visit a Zoo. I thought this was most odd as I thought she would have experienced many of the animals at home. In fact she said the reverse was true and that the only animals she had any contact with at home were baboons. So we took her to Bristol Zoo and it was there that, for the first time, I discovered Pigmy Hippos and found them fascinating and I have retained that fascination ever since. As part of my 70th birthday present, my granddaughter sponsored a pygmy hippo for me and gave me complimentary entrance tickets so I could go and visit her several times during the year.

It was a lovely day and made me glory in a God who created such a diverse and wonderful world.

When I got home I found this week’s edition of the Church Times. On the Letters Page there were many letters praising the work of the Revision Committee on the Consecration of Women as Bishops in the fact that no, or as good as no, provision was to be made for those of us, who, in conscience, are unable to accept this innovation. It strikes me that the most illiberal members of the Church of England are those on the Liberal wing who can’t wait to see Anglo-Catholics put in an untenable position so that they leave......more on this later, when I’ve calmed down a little!!!!!.

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