Saturday, 17 April 2010

The Televised Debate by Brown, Cameron & Clegg

The televised debate between Gordon Brown, David Cameron and Nick Clegg on Thursday evening was viewed by 9.9 million viewers. I must admit that having thought it would be as boring as watching grass grow I really found it most enlightening. It was fairly obvious that all three politicians were nervous to begin but as the debate warmed up they became far more relaxed. We have waited a long time for this to happen; both Thatcher and Blair refused to have anything to do with a televised debate between the political parties.

The nationalist parties of Wales and Scotland felt hard done by that they weren’t given the opportunity to appear but they have their own similar programmes in the future for people of their countries. I always feel there is something very strange about the fact that Wales, Northern Ireland and Scotland have devolved government but the poor old English have the three other countries participating in legislation for England which isn’t devolve.

In this first broadcast there is no doubt that the politician who gave the best performance was Nick Clegg but what is of interest is who will be the winner after the next two forthcoming debates. Regardless of who wins the debates overall it is the British Electors who are the ultimate winners because, for the first time, we are able to see and hear our three political leaders in a debate about policies rather than have to rely on the leaflets that come dropping through our letterboxes and listening to what the candidates say when they come visiting.

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