Tuesday, 6 April 2010


At last the phoney election campaign which we have endured for many weeks is over. This morning Gordon Brown, Prime Minister went to the Palace to arrange the dissolution of Parliament and to call a General Election on 6th May when we will be electing, in many areas, our local council as well.

After all the revelations about the scandal of Parliamentary Expenses and the retiring MP’s who are prepared to market their connections, by lobbying, to the highest bidders it is no small wonder that many people are sceptical about the whole system. From duck houses to switching (flipping!) properties to avoid Capital Gains Tax it seems many MP’s were only in parliament for the personal gains they could make.

In many constituencies where a political party has a large majority voting can be seen as a waste of time – no matter how a person votes the status quo remains the same. But a democracy depends on the electorate using their vote and safe majorities have been over turned in the past and can be again.

It is a Christian duty to vote but it is also a duty to weigh up very carefully what each political party is offering the electorate. Christians also need to keep the prospective candidates in their prayers as the 6th May comes closer.

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