Tuesday, 20 April 2010



When I retired as Vicar of St. Francis of Assisi, Barkingside I was presented with some vouchers to enable me to purchase a magnolia tree for my new garden. I have always loved magnolias but have never had one growing in my garden so it had been a long held ambition that, one day, I would have my own. Fairlop Brass Band discovered this and it was due to their kindness that I now have a magnolia. It has taken some time to purchase the tree as my wife, who is in charge of the garden, wasn’t sure where we could put it and we had to wait until the building of the conservatory was complete. It will go in the centre of the lawn at the rear of our house. In the picture you see the magnolia with its first blooms and as soon as they are over it will be planted in the ground. The next thing we have to plan is where we plant a fig tree which was presented to me by New Rush Hall School where I am Chair of the Governors. Again this had to be put on hold but now we’re ready to buy it and plant it ready for next season’s figs.

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