Tuesday, 11 March 2014



Unquestionably Bob Crow was one of the greatest Trade Union leaders, possibly the last of the true socialists, and whether or not you agreed with him, you had to admire both his tenacity and his outstanding leadership of the RMT. At a time when Trade Unions have been loosing membership the RMT were increasing theirs. Bob Crow managed to obtain above inflation settlements for his members which other Union  seemed unable to do. Tributes are being made to him from both friends and opponents alike.

May he Rest in Peace.

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  1. I first met Bob Crow during the time when I was a Redbridge councillor for Bridge Ward (1994-2006). I also met his partner, Nicola, who was one of my opponents in the 1998 council elections. At that time they occupied a flat on the Ray Lodge Estate where I had a leading role in a redevelopment project for that estate as part of a much wider scheme funded from the government's single regeneration budget. This involved the demolition of a significant number of flats and the building of houses and different kinds of flats, developed and owned by a housing association. When completed Bob, Nicola and their family moved into one of the houses.

    There were relatively few occasions when I met Bob Crow. He was always courteous, and I suspect that each of us carefully avoided confrontation.

    The last time I saw him "in the flesh" was the occasion of Father Alan Cross's farewell Mass at St Barnabas, Woodford Green when Bob was at the back of a Church packed to capacity. I have no doubt that Bob, a professed atheist, had great respect for Father Alan's tireless work in caring for the whole of the community in his Parish and beyond.

    None of what I have said above masks my fundamental disagreement with Bob's success in creating untold misery for workers wishing to travel within London to carry out their daily work. and who were themselves powerless to resolve the situations for which Bob had to take some responsibility.

    Despite that I also say: Requiescat in Pacem.