Saturday, 6 July 2013


The General Synod are meeting in York. Please keep the members in your prayers that in all they do and the decisions they make, may be inspired by the Grace of the Holy Spirit.

COME holy ghost eternall God procedinge from above,
Both from the father and the sonne, the God of peace and love:
Vysyte oure myndes, and into us, thy heavenly grace inspyre;
That in all trueth and godlynesse, we maye have true desyre.
Thou art the very comforter, in al woe and distresse:
The heavenly gyfte of God moste highe, whych no tongue can expresse.
The fountayne and the lively springe, of joye celestiall:
The fyre so brighte, the love so clere, and Unction spirituall.
Thou in thy gyftes arte manifolde, whereby Christes Churche doeth stande:
In faythfull heartes wrytinge thy lawe, the fynger of Goddes hande.
According to thy promes made, thou gevest speache of grace;
That throughe thy helpe, the prayse of God, may sounde in every place.
O holy ghoste, into oure wittes, sende downe thyne heavenly lyght;
Kyndle our heartes wyth fervent love, to serve God daye and nyght.
Strength and stablishe all oure weakenes, so feble and so frayle:
That neyther fleshe, the worlde, nor devyl, agaynste us do prevayle.
Put backe oure enemie farre from us, and graunte us to obtayne:
Peace in our heartes with God and man, withoute grudge or disdayne.
And graunt O Lorde that thou beyng, oure leader and oure guyde;
We may eschewe the snares of synne, and from thee never slyde.
To us such plentie of thy grace, good Lord graunt we thee praye:
That thou mayest bee oure comforter, at the laste dreadfull daye.
Of all stryfe and dissencion, O Lorde, dissolve the bandes:
And make the knottes of peace and love, throughoute all Christien landes.
Graunte us O Lorde, throughe thee to knowe the father most of myght;
That of hys deare beloved sonne we may attayne the syght.
And that wyth perfect fayth also, we may acknowledge thee;
The Spirite of them both alwaye, one God in persones three.
Laude and prayse be to the father, and to the sonne equall:
And to the holy spyryte also, one God coeternall.
And praye we that the onely sonne, vouchesafe hys spyryte to sende;
To all that do professe hys name, unto the worldes ende. Amen

– Book of Common Prayer (1549)

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  1. Ah, yes - when the Anglican Church was truly Anglican.