Sunday, 19 February 2012


Way back in the 1980’s unemployment was at a peek caused by runaway inflation. I can well remember calling to see a client and being greeted by a newly employed young lady on reception.The business owner explained to me that he had joined the new government initiative which meant that he could have a young person to work for him, funded by the government. If my memory is correct, the scheme only lasted for three months and then it was anticipated that the person would be offered a job. It was fairly obvious to me that a job existed. In fact the owner explained to me that he had sacked his previous receptionist to enable his company to have a receptionist for free. After three months he would sack the present girl and get another and that is what he did. I’m certain there must have been many others abusing the scheme.

Under a new Government initiative to bring down the unemployment figures amongst young people, the unemployed are being asked/told to work for companies for nothing except the job seekers allowance plus the cost of bus fares to the place of employment. As a result companies are able to save on wages and we, you and me, are subsidising these large companies and our young people are being grossly exploited. Although the Minister involved has denied it, I understand that if the young person refuses to take this unpaid employment they could loose their job seekers allowance.

I believe several companies have withdrawn from the scheme no doubt due to the detrimental publicity it has generated. Whilst it was something we didn’t know about it was OK it seems but know it has become known some companies are quickly withdrawing. What young people want and need are real jobs paying real salaries for real employers not this exploitative scheme.

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