Thursday, 15 December 2011

Oscar Romero’s view of Christmas

The problem is the majority of the public view Christmas as an excuse for a party where excess is the order of the day. This is so very far removed from the Christian view of the great Festival of the Birth of Jesus. That great Christian martyr of the 20th century, Oscar Romero expressed the Christian view like this:-

On this night, as we Christians have done every year for 20 centuries, we recall that God’ reign is now in this world and that Christ has inaugurated the fulness of time. His birth attests that God is now marching with us in history, that we do not go alone and that our aspiration for peace, for justice, for a reign of divine law, for something holy, is far from earth’s realities. We can hope for it, not because we humans are able to construct that realm of happiness which God’s holy words proclaim, but because the builder of a reign of justice, of love and of peace is already in the midst of us.”

We come together at Christmas to celebrate that Birth all those years ago, when Jesus came into the world as the baby of Bethlehem. For Christians Jesus is the main part of our celebrations and without him Christmas is pointless and futile.

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