Monday, 26 December 2011


Ann and I have both been under the weather for the last week or so; we seem to have caught a virus which won’t seem to go. You think you are better and then lo and behold, it’s back again. Still despite it, we’ve managed to keep going. I preached at Midnight Mass to a full house and we had an excellent congregation for the Mass of the Day which I celebrated. If you are interested you can read full reports here.

After Mass we went to our daughter and son in law’s for Christmas Dinner and to enjoy seeing to of our grandchildren opening the huge number of parcels they had. We had a lovely time; we will be seeing our other grandchildren on Wednesday

Today after a very lazy morning and brunch we drove to Broxbourne for a walk along the River Lee, a favourite pastime of ours. There’s always something interesting to see especially the many different species of birds. If I had enough money one of the places I would love to live is in one of the beautiful houses which line the banks of the river but that I’m afraid will remain in the realms of a pipe dream.

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