Thursday, 8 September 2011


I’m feeling frustrated; my main computer has decided to give up the ghost and I’m waiting for the computer engineer to come to tell me the situation although I think I already know. (Fortunately I have a MacBook on which I’m writing this) It appears that computers have something of a limited life and as I’ve had the main one for around five years I suppose I shouldn’t be surprised but I am and annoyed too. But I suspect I will be visiting PC World in the not too distant future and then I will have the have the pleasure (?) of setting a new one up.

Whilst I don’t think computers have built in obsolescence, other domestic items do. A few years ago our daughter gave us a dishwasher for Christmas and very useful it has been although we have never used it that much. The other day, after having some friends for dinner Ann used it, it made a strange sound and that was the end of the dishwasher. When we phoned a local service centre, the cost of repair was more than purchasing a new one, which seems ridiculous to me. So, I’m afraid, we don’t have a dishwasher at the moment – washing up I’m sure is good for the soul – an extra penance!

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