Sunday, 11 September 2011


When the Compute Engineer diagnosed my problem with my old computer it was, as I had thought, kaput! So late Friday afternoon it was down to PC World and the result is that I am now writing this on my brand new computer. Of course, when you bring them out of the shop, it’s the start of getting the thing up and running. I was amused when the salesman tried hard to persuade me that I needed to have their software engineers put Microsoft Office on the computer. It come preinstalled and all I had to do was purchase the “Product Key Card” and then type it into the programme which took all of a couple of minutes. PC World very generously offered to do it for me for £20. They also wanted to sell me ‘computer maintenance insurance’ at £8.50 a month which amounts to £102 per annum. My now defunct computer has cost me around £150 in maintenance, including parts, over the last 5 years so why would I want to pay what would have amounted to £510. In any case, it is fully guaranteed for the first year by the manufacturers and I have a whiz kid of a computer engineer Paul of Havering Computers who looks after me.


Today I celebrated and preached at St. Augustine’s Church, Rush Green and details of the service and my sermon can be found click here. We had another full church despite the fact that several people were away. During the Mass we remembered those who are still suffering as a result of 9/11 and all those whose lives were lost.

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