Friday, 24 June 2011

Corpus Christi - Chelmsford Cathedral


Yesterday, Ann and I went to the annual Retired Clergy Tea which was hosted by the Bishop of Chelmsford in Chelmsford Cathedral. An excellent tea was served and this was followed by a Corpus Christi Mass sung by the Cathedral Choir. When we arrived at the Cathedral we saw a notice which announced a Corpus Christi Sung Eucharist at 5.15 p.m. (with Incense). in fact, as it turned out it was a High Mass with vested Deacon and Sub-Deacon set to Palestrina which was beautifully sung by the Cathedral Choir.

Bishop Stephen presided and preached an excellent sermon. He told of his experience, as a young curate, visiting the church in Deptford where Father David Diamond was the Vicar. He recalled how Father Diamond, standing at the back of his church, during the celebration of Mass by one of his curates, had proclaimed at the consecration of the Bread “My Lord and My God” and how he did the same at the Consecration of the Wine. He did this in a very loud voice which filled the church. The words “My Lord and My God” are the words of St. Thomas in the presence of the Risen Christ. Bishop Stephen said that at every Mass he says these words quietly to himself.

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