Thursday, 28 April 2011


The hype surrounding the Royal Wedding tomorrow is unbelievable. Every time you look at the television or open a newspaper it is there. Graham Smith, head of Republic is quoted in the Financial Times saying: “You’d have thought it was the second coming,” lamenting the wall-to-wall media coverage of the event.

Weddings always have an appeal but I, for one, would most certainly not set up camp outside Westminster Abbey as it seems many are doing. Neither will I be buying any of the trashy junk being sold in so many shops as “a souvenir” of the occasion.

One wonders, when the average person is being penalised financially, when thousands are unemployed and when whole communities are having local services cut or curtailed, due to the greed of the bankers and to the profligacy of the previous Government how can the expense of such an occasion ever be justified? It is estimated that the cost to the tax payer for this extravaganza will be in excess of £20 million plus the cost of the party being provided by the Foreign Office for those foreign dignitaries who haven't been invited to the main celebrations. This is in addition to the actual cost of the ceremony being paid for by the Royal family and the Middleton family.

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