Thursday, 21 April 2011


I have only just discovered that the Glastonbury Pilgrimage has been cancelled. Details were contained in a letter from the Bishop of Plymouth date March 2011 which I never received. As far as I can discover this is the first time that the Pilgrimage has been cancelled except during the 2nd World War. On the Glastonbury Pilgrimage website is says: It is with deep regret that the Council has announced the cancellation of the 2011 pilgrimage.

According to the Bishop’s letter: When the Pilgrimage Council met last week, it needed to consider the viability of this year's pilgrimage in the light of the Association's financial position and the factors which will affect the number of pilgrims likely to attend the pilgrimage this year. We were conscious of the Walsingham Festival in Exeter Cathedral in May, and of the further rise in fuel costs which makes a day out for families yet more expensive. The Council decided, therefore, to cancel the pilgrimage for this year, and to consider our future plans at the Annual General Meeting which will be held at Holy Nativity Church, Knowle in Bristol at 7. o'clock on Saturday 1st October 2011.

I really don’t think that people are going to travel the extra distance to go to Exeter Cathedral. I think what this really tells us is that with the folk who have left the CofE for the Ordinariate and those who are preparing to go in the future, there are now insufficient numbers to make this viable any more and that is indeed, very sad.

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  1. Please be aware that the AGM is actually at 2pm on Saturday 1st October and not 7 o'clock as described here. The AGM is at Holy Nativity, Knowle.

    I would encourage as many as possible to attend the annual meeting to discuss, agree and support the decisions that are being made about future pilgrimages. There is no reason why the pilgrimage should not continue to take place annually but we really need the support of the GPA members to make this happen. Please show your support by attending the AGM and voting for how you wish to see the Pilgrimage run next year. Offers of help will also be very welcome!