Monday, 15 November 2010

SSC Meeting

Today, I attended the meeting of my SSC Chapter, which was held at St, James, Leigh-on-Sea. After Mass we went to the hall for lunch and, at my end of the table, there was some discussion about who the new Bishop of Richborough would be. All I can say is, if some of the names mentioned have any substance, it will become one further reason to join the Ordinariate when it is practical to do so (if any further reason was even needed!!!!!!) When I got home and told my wife the names mentioned, she said if “x” was appointed that would be a very good reason for going to the Ordinariate and might just tip the balance. One thing that puzzles me is why anyone would be prepared to become a Provincial Episcopal Visitor under the present circumstances when the role will only last until the legislation for Women Bishops is approved.


  1. One thing is for certain: the names banded about before an appointment are rarely the names banded about after the appointment is made - so I guess we will simply have to wait and see.

    The need for the appointment of a replacement for Fr Keith would be quite obvious I would have thought: there are still thousands of faithful anglican catholics who are either unable, not ready or quite simply unwilling to take up the Holy Father's offer. It is for them that a PEV must be appointed even if only for a year or two.

    Those remaining in the Church of England for however long, must not be deserted by their pastors and shepherds. That any priest would consider taking on the mantle of PEV under the current circumstances would surely be testimony to the sacrifice he would be making for the good of the faithful.

  2. I understand your sentiments Father but I'm with Fr Gareth on this one. The 'one-size-fits-all-I'm-for-the-Ordinariate' band wagon pays insufficient attention to the varied problems and circumstances others find themselves in.

    The same goes for the pro-Ordinariate people's sport of mocking The Mission Society of Saint Wilfrid and Saint Hilda. Whatever shortcomings there may be, it would be more charitable to think of it as a possible holding society for future departures and follow ++Rowan's example of wishing each other well wherever individuals find their home.

  3. I don't disagree that some provision needs to be made. My question is really who would be prepared to take on such a role, given the present circumstances. Father Gareth may be right in saying that anyone who takes on the role would be testimony to the sacrifice he is making for the good of the faithful.

    With regards to the Society of St. Wilfrid and St. Hilda I wonder why we need another society when we have F-in-F. The other thing I question is why, since October, we have heard exactly nothing about it. I suppose time will tell if it can have a useful function in getting Synod to make some better provision but I really have my doubts.

  4. Now you mention it Father I haven't heard a SWISH of late. Perhaps they have been cowed by criticism. I should add that my wife was with yours on this one - but she did allow me to comment!

  5. Well, if all the anti-women-priests Cathlolics are either Ordinariate-bound or compromised, there's only one other place that I can think of to look for the next +Fulham, +Ebbsfleet or +Richborough.... and that's the anti-women-priests Evangelicals (how would that go down with Mrs Mervyn?).