Tuesday, 30 November 2010


The north wind will blow

And we shall have snow.......................

And we certainly did over night. By morning the roads around here were all covered in snow and I had a funeral to get to. Fortunately the traffic was moving – just – so a journey which normally takes now more than 10-15 minutes took me the best part of an hour today. All credit to the Funeral Directors who arrived on time, despite a journey similar to mine. By the time I came to go home the roads were a lot better. The local authority have worked hard to keep the traffic flowing but I wish they would do something to the side roads which are quite lethal.

Just a Casual Remark!

I was talking to someone yesterday who, as far as I am aware, supports the ordination of women to the priesthood and their consecration as Bishops. She remarked to me that she thought the way General Synod had treated Catholics was despicable especially after the promises made when women were first ordained. She felt that Christians shouldn’t act in that way to which most Anglo-Catholics would say amen. Perhaps the realisation of just what has happened is only just dawning on people in the pews. Perhaps it has taken the resignation of 5 first class Bishops and their indication that they will be joining the Ordinariate to bring about this awareness.

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