Wednesday, 15 September 2010

The future of the C of E?????

Yesterday I received details and the Agenda for the Sacred Synod on 24th September at the Emmanuel Centre, Westminster which begins at 11.00 a.m. I hope at that meeting we will learn something about the timing of the Ordinariate.

I am puzzled by those who, when talking about the situation with regards to General Synod’s recent decision to approve the inauguration of women Bishops, say things like “everything is not lost –there’s still everything to fight for” and “It will be defeated in the Dioceses” and “General Synod will make better provision for Catholics” and “we will be alright our Bishop is male and he is sympathetic to Catholics” and “It will be defeated in General Synod” and “the Code of Practice can be made to work”. I have heard all of these remarks in the last few weeks and I have to say I believe they are all totally wrong.

Those who are of the opinion that General Synod will make better provision haven’t judged the mood of General Synod correctly. It seems hell bent on ridding the CofE of its Catholic tradition. The forthcoming elections to Synod could possibly change the makeup of that body but I really don’t believe that it will. I think it will be more of the same! The problem is that those who are appointed as guardians of the faith, the Bishops, have failed, with a few exceptions, to provide the lead themselves. Most of them support the legislation to consecrate women and endorse the Code of Practice which, as has been said many times before, will not do.

Although it is unlikely that there will be women bishops before 2014, the die has been cast and we can no longer claim to be part of the One, Holy, Catholic and Apostolic church. Through this Measure we are no more than a Protestant body. The choice has been made and the CofE will have to live with the consequences. Those of us who cannot live, in conscience, with this latest innovation are looking forward to the inauguration of the Ordinariate and reconciliation with the See of Peter.

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