Tuesday, 21 September 2010

Anglicans in Communion with the Holy See – the Ordinariate.

The dust has now settled on the state visit of Pope Benedict XVI and it has been a resounding success despite all the commentators who, prior to the visit, had predicted small crowds and lack of enthusiasm. Despite too, the militant atheist agenda and protests by the likes of Tatchell and Dawkins who, in the event, made themselves look a bit silly. The truth is crowds flocked to see him in Scotland, London and Birmingham and took part in the various Masses and the Prayer Vigil and especially the beatifying of Cardinal John Henry Newman. Hopefully now the Pope’s visit is over we will be hearing some more about the Ordinariate.

I rather liked the suggestion by Father Hunwicke on his blog that Ordinariate members should be known as “Anglican in communion with the Holy See”. When the Ordinariate starts those who make the move will no longer be in communion with Canterbury and this title distinguishes them from those who remain but, importantly, it also asserts our continuing Anglican identity.

I have been pleased with the people in the Redbridge and Havering area who have responded to my invitation to a meeting on the 5th October at St. Augustine’s Church, Rush Green, Romford and I hope and believe we will be able to form a viable group to move to the Ordinariate in due course.

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