Friday, 9 July 2010


This morning I celebrated Mass at St. Alban’s Ilford, a Forward in Faith parish. Their new Parish Priest will be licensed on Tuesday as Priest in Charge as the living has been suspended the same way as St. Mary’s Ilford. Like St. Mary’s, St. Albans is a flourishing parish a short distance from the town centre, maintaining the Catholic faith. One wonders why these two parishes have been suspended. A wicked thought possibly but could it be that it is because they are both Catholic opposed to women priests and the proposed new innovation of women bishops?

General Synod begins today, and tomorrow the debate about Women as Bishops begins and there are 47 pages of amendments to the Measure. It will be interesting, and informative to see how the debate progresses and what, if any, arrangements are made for Catholics who oppose the Measure. I suspect that whatever arrangements are made, they will fall considerably short of what is needed. And I reiterate: A CODE OF PRACTICE WILL NOT DO!!!!!!

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  1. All the parishes ringing Ilford Town Centre which have had vacancies recently have been treated equally by being suspended in order that ministry to Ilford Town Centre can be reviewed. That includes St Andrew's as well as St Alban's and St Mary's.