Sunday, 25 July 2010

The Church of England “Is fast sinking into a Sect” David Starkey 2007

In the programme, Monarchy - the Windsors by David Starkey, broadcast on Channel 4 on Saturday, David Starkey talked about the Prince of Wales wanting to be known as Defender of Faiths rather than The Defender of the Faith. He commented on the state of the Church of England and said these prophetic words: The Church of England “is fast sinking into a sect”. This programme was produced in 2007, three years ago, and it was obvious to Starkey then the direction the Cof E was taking and in my opinion, has continued to take with the vote in General Synod concerning the consecration of women to the Episcopate and its other liberal tendencies.

When some of the people serving on General Synod were asked about the solemn promises made to Parliament to get the original legislation through for the ordination of women to the priesthood which provided a measure of protection for those who were not prepared to accept this innovation, they replied that promises were made to be broken. Which only really proves, if proof were needed, that the current promises in the new legislation will only be for as long as Synod thinks fit and that they are more than likely to be rescinded within a short period of time. Those who are relying on the Code of Practice, will, I believe, be bitterly disappointed.

Isn’t it time that people in the CofE woke up to the direction the Church is taking and begin to do something about it? Many of us think it is far too late, we think that the slippery path which the Church took when it decided it had to conform to the norms of society rather than the Word of God, the traditions of the Apostles and the Catholic faith has so far progressed that any retreat now is not feasible. And this is mainly because there are so many who no longer accept the faith once delivered as anything more than providing a way of life which can be altered by a whim of General Synod.

Whilst Rome burnt Nero played his fiddle. Whilst the Church of England descends into apostasy and as Starkey comments sinks into a sect, the Bishops do absolutely nothing and they, by their apostolic ministry are supposed to be the protectors of the faith.

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  1. Thank you Father. It is refreshing to read a Blog taking-up the fight when there is so much defeatism about.