Saturday, 12 June 2010

That was the week that was

What a week! Monday I settled down to do a job which I detest – preparing my Tax Return. In the afternoon I needed to print something of only to find that the ink on my printer had run out. It’s OK I thought I always keep a spare – went to get it and I’ve several refills of every colour except, of course, the one I needed, black. So down to the nearest supplier to get some but, of course, they had run out. On to PC World where they did have them. They also had a sale with some reduced digital cameras which I have wanted for ages. My existing camera is too big to slip in the pocket and whilst I wouldn’t want to be without it I can’t easily carry it everywhere So I spent far more than I would have done if the ink had been available in the first place I went.

Tuesday nothing interesting happened; we spent a lazy day at home doing some of the mundane things one has to do some times.

Wednesday I went to Upminster Crematorium to officiate at a funeral and then at 6.00 p.m. to school for a Governors Training evening. It was an interesting evening but a pity that more of the Governors were not able to get there.

Thursday I drove to Swindon to see Mother-in-Law who at the age of 93 has decided to go into residential care and to bring back some items of furniture she no longer needs for sale in the St. Augustine’s Saturday Shop. She has all her faculties apart from being a bit deaf unlike many of the other residents. We had lunch with her and I think it qualifies for the worse meal I’ve ever eaten. I felt really sorry for the residents who have no option but to eat what is put in front of them. The chef is away and someone who has no idea about cooking was temporally replacing him. I was unable to eat it! The good side is that the residents are well cared for by attentive staff.

Friday and we look after our granddaughter which is always a delight. My wife takes her swimming in the morning and at 18 months she has been going regularly to the swimming pool for several months. She loves it. Saturday saw us at the Saturday Shop delivering the items we had brought back from Swindon and helping sell bits and bobs.

The World Cup has begun and whilst I have no interest in it whatsoever being wee bit patriotic, I hope England does well. My only real complaint is that for the next few weeks we will be treated to floor to ceiling football on the television and radio so it will be either watching DVD’s or old fashioned reading. As far as I can see at the moment, most programmes which aren’t football are repeats as well as films that have been on so many times previously.

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