Saturday, 26 June 2010

The proposed amendments by the Archbishops of Canterbury & York

Having been away for a few days I missed the announcement, earlier this week, about the proposals of the Archbishops of Canterbury and York concerning an amendment they intend to put at the forth coming debate in General Synod about the consecration of women as bishops and it was only when I returned home yesterday that I was able to read just what they are proposing for the “traditionalists”. My immediate comment was ‘too little, too late.’ I have now had the chance to read the interesting blog by Edwin, retired Bishop of Richborough and others who have written concerning this. And I have to say, that I agree with what the majority are saying.
Apart from the fact that I don’t think General Synod will accept their (the Archbishops) admendment to the motion, I really can’t see how it can be acceptable either to those who cannot accept the consecration of women, or to those who support such an innovation. It seems to me that far too much discretion will be left to the Diocesan Bishop for either he/she to decide just how a request from a parish will be granted. It still gives the Diocesan Bishop the right to conduct whatever services he/she desires in a parish although encouraged not too. Right!!!! Trouble is, some of us have experience of the way some bishops act and can place no trust in this unless it is mandatory.
I will be writing about this further after some more thought.

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