Tuesday, 7 January 2014


George Osborne announced yesterday that he is contemplating more benefit cuts. Having reduced many to near starvation with the assistance of Ian Duncan Smith’s reforms he now proposes cutting housing benefits to under 25 year old which seems to me to be totally wrong and counter productive. Is it any surprise that many young people feel unwanted and useless?.... some apparently considering suicide because they are unable to find employment;unable to get jobs they will be unable to afford accommodation, if Osborne's stupid plan goes through. I know of one young man with a first class honours degree in Maths still unemployed several years out of university. We have people who would starve in modern Britain if it wasn't for the work of Food Banks. Just what sort of country are we becoming?

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  1. Perhaps, Father, you do not understand the perversity of political ambition. How else are Cameron and his "friends" to achieve their apparent ambition to be even less popular in 2015 than Heath was in 1974?