Sunday, 22 December 2013

Behold a Virgin shall Conceive

In his sermon at today’s Parish Mass at St. Augustine’s, Rush Green Father Martin invited a teenager, one of our teenage Christians in the congregation, to do an interview with him. He pointed out that “L” was slightly older than Mary would have been when the events recorded in the Gospel had taken place. In the interview amongst the questions Father Martin asked, he asked “L” how she would have felt if an angel appeared to her: “Scared “ she replied. “L” acted the part brilliantly and gave us much food for thought.


Many people regard Mary as a young woman and certainly not around the age of 14 as she probably was and she was probably very frightened when the angel told her that she had been specially chosen to be the mother of God’s Son. It was a task which not only Mary but Joseph had to come to terms with. As we prepare to celebrate the wonderful occasion of the birth of our Saviour we should always remember with the greatest affection Jesus’ mother Mary and Joseph, the Guardian of the Holy Family.

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