Saturday, 12 October 2013


I’ve seen it all. One of my congregation parked their car in the car park adjacent to the Ilford Hospital Chapel and got a parking ticket for being there 1 minute -  yes you read that correctly one minute without a suitable parking ticket. The warden was writing out the ticket whilst she was getting out her Disabled Badge Parking Permit which allows her to park for free in this particular car park. It makes you wonder just what sort of person the Local Authority employ. She now has to pay £30 unless she can appeal against this which I have strongly advised her to do. It is this sort of behaviour which gives Local Authorities a reputation for fining people as a means of fund raising. The sooner Rt. Hon. Eric Pickles sorts out this sort of disgraceful action the better.

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  1. When it comes to parking enforcement Dedbridge makes Dick Turpin look positively benign. What they seem incapable of doing is providing enforcement in locations where, and at times when, illegal parking causes REAL problems.