Wednesday, 7 August 2013


What is it about cyclists that they think they are above the law which governs all other road users.? I have been watching the way some cyclists are conducting themselves recently and the blatant way they ignore the Highway Code. Here are a few examples:-

1, Cycling through red lights – I’ve seen this so many times.

2. Adults riding their bikes on pavements putting the elderly at risk including one instance where the cyclists shouted at a pedestrian to “get out of my ***************** way”

3. Cycling down one way streets the wrong way.

4. Riding on the wrong side of the road.

5. Hogging the middle of the carriageway so that motorists can’t get by even though there’s plenty of room. This happened on Sunday when I had to follow such a cyclists until I could go on the wrong side of the road to get by which would have been unnecessary if he had behaved differently.


  1. At the beginning of July my mother and I spent a couple of days in the wonderful city of Bruges while travelling home from a holiday much farther afield. Our hotel was some distance from the centre and the cobbled streets of the old town are not a practical proposition for her wheelchair - so we drove in.

    Most streets in the central area are very narrow, with most of them also having one way traffic. But bicycles travel in both directions in these streets, and riders seem to use not only both sides of the road in both directions, but also ride down the middle too - also in both directions!

    Cyclists in this country who ride on the footway may be acting dangerously (as well as illegally!) but the Bruges experience was far worse.

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