Monday, 5 November 2012


Yesterday evening Ann and I were just finishing dinner when the phone rang. On the line was a distressed daughter. It seemed that our granddaughter had lost her bear named Sally and the thought was it had probably been left in church. A quick phone call to Father Martin and he proceeded to search the church, the church grounds and the church car park. Nothing found. We kept getting increasingly tearful phone calls; my granddaughter would not settle until Sally was found.

In something like sheer desperation, we decided to go and do another search at church although I was convinced that Sally Bear was at R & S’s house somewhere. We did another extensive search of church, grounds, car park, toilets, play area, etc.etc. but we found no bear. We were very grateful to Father Martin who, having already undertaken one comprehensive search, came and did another with us. We had several phone calls during the proceedings from a daughter who by now was totally convinced that Sally Bear would never be found. Being the sympathetic parents and grandparents that we are, we decided that we would go to their house, as I remained convinced the bear was there, hiding somewhere.

When we arrived we found two distressed parents and one distressed granddaughter – the other being fast asleep. We had a quick look round but saw nothing remotely like Sally Bear. We sat and talked, comforted our granddaughter and then R decided to tidy up. She opened a box to put away a toy and there in the box was ………………you guessed………………….Sally Bear. How she got in the box nobody knew (or at least admitted). My granddaughter went to bed tightly cuddling her bear whilst R & S and Ann collapsed in a flood of tears of relief. The bear that was lost had been found!

We quickly phoned and told Father Martin the good news and then returned home to do the washing up we had left when we went out. What a perfect end to the day!